NBA Supports Online Gambling Ban

It would appear that the National Basketball Association is in support of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA. The Act is responsible for the ban on payment processing as it pertains to online gambling. Even as many fight to get the online gambling ban reversed, there are those that are fighting to keep it.

The NBA would obviously be one of those looking to keep the online gambling ban, but they have ulterior motives in the deal. The NBA paid McGuirewoods Consulting $280,000 in the second half of last year, adding to the $52,000 they had already paid last year.

The consulting company is a lobbying firm, and they lobbied on several different items. One of the things they lobbied on was on behalf of the online gambling ban, which is the part that mystified many people. They say that the sport should be happy that people are placing bets on them online, and don’t understand where the problem lies. They say that without all of the online gambling in Malaysia on the sport, probably no one would watch.

However, the NBA would like to see online gambling as well as all sports gambling made illegal. They also lobbied on things closer to home like a new drugs and steroid policy and work visas for any foreign players. However, the online gambling ban support may be the hardest pill for their fans to swallow.

They say that the current online gambling ban has already made it difficult and instead of trying to ban sports gambling they should simply try to regulate it and make it safe. However, this is not of interest to the NBA.

How funny would it be to see the famous crime families of our day having to pay taxes on their activities? To be regulated and yes, legalized in their dealings? Well, if online gambling becomes legal that is exactly what would happen.

Organized crime has long had its hands in the cookie jar of gambling, and once it went to online gambling it only got worse. With it continuing to stay illegal and unregulated, the mafia has been able to slowly grow their empires while profiting off of yet another illegal business.

Take for example the Gambinos – a very famous and well known alleged crime syndicate alleged mafia if you will. However, a Queens’ district attorney has revealed that they get part of their money from illegal online gambling. In fact, online gambling brought them in over $10 million over the last two years. They supposedly have proof of toll free lines registered to them that are used for online gambling sites and this is how they know.

So, with organized crime and others continuing to feed off of illegal online gambling, make it legal. Make those that make their living illegally have to make it legally. They are profiting from the online gambling industry and without it being legal and regulated they will continue to do so with all of their money in their pockets.

And it isn]t just them. There are lots of people out there that are running these illegal online gambling sites that are making millions off of their players. The government could be making billions off of the tons of sites out there dedicated to online casinos and gambling.